Friday, February 3, 2012

One nearly perfect day and the little camera that tried...

Jan 28th.

We took a bus trip to Tigre today and then a boat along the Parana River Delta. This is a system of over 5000 waterways like arteries pumping blood and littered with islands built naturally of sediment. This place was amazing, a whole community living just off the water isolated from most of the mainland with shopping, ambulance and hospital boats, primary and high schools. It is littered with dead boats giving it atmosphere and teeming with all kinds of live boats from catamarans to rowing boats, jetskis to speed boats. Very interesting and enjoyable journey, the first picture is of a shopping boat.

We went to the gym in the afternoon and had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant. I ordered risotto as I thought I should be safe with rice but it came with what looked like noodles, luckily I was able to swap with Elizabeth as her dish was just chicken and potatoes. In the evening we sat in the park opposite the hotel and watched an impromptu drum performance with dancers. This seems to be a dog park as owners and their dogs were everywhere and added to the relaxing and captivating atmosphere. Elizabeth said "in the brochures they say you might see dancing in the streets but you dismiss it as typical tourist speak but then here we are with dancing in the park". See video below of the drummers, I have a better one including the dancers but it is on my camera and not my phone.

Why only a nearly perfect day? I had my camera on a tripod trying to capture the atmosphere when the drummers suddenly filled the air with music, I twisted around to look and tripped the tripod which fell lens first into the ground. The poor thing has been dying anyway with a dodgy battery connection somewhere but this did not help. Regardless it won't let go and still wants to take photos. The little lens crunches, pops and whirs trying to come out. Sometimes it succeeds but sometimes it gives up and I get an error message. Similarly when I zoom it will crunch away and not always make it to full zoom. I have gotten very affectionate towards this little camera that wants to keep taking pictures and is still succeeding 5 times out of 10. But I will need a new one before Iguazu Falls as that is not when you need a camera to die. I think I will keep it though and display it somewhere.

Some Miscellaneous Moments of the rest of our time in Buenos Aires.

Elizabeth enjoying an Apple Pie at a very swish  cafe (Cafe Tortoni the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires). I almost decided it was worth making me sick to have one myself.

One of these bottles of Whisky was $50 and one was $18, any guesses for which one?

What passes as buskers at a famous market that is held every Sunday at San Telmo.

We successfully worked out the subway. Woo hoo.

Elizabeth getting a tango lesson at Complejo Tango.

Real tango dancers in a show after the lesson at the same place.

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