Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ode To The Road

Peggy on the notorious route 40
The following 2 days were on the notorious, long, rough, dusty and winding route 40 to Barriloche. A couple of moments of excitement were had when Peggy`s battery blew up with a bang and when we stopped to look at the cave of hands. While bumping along the road Elizabeth wrote the following:

Perfect Patagonia with Tucan Tours, or Ode to the Road:

The whole tour group.

Robust Ritchie rewards us with a spectacular skid across the spacious sandy Steppe on the rollercoaster ride that is Route 40. He should be richly rewarded for ensuring our safety in such startling circumstances as should you, Peggy, our big beautiful yellow daytime home.

I find this infertile landscape fascinating. But for those who yawn at yet another yellow desert mound in the dusty distance, magnificent mountains, lazy lakes, glorious glaciers and graceful guanacos are never far from view. And sediment-stained milky rivers still sparkle in the unusually endless sunshine. 

Meanwhile marvellous Marika ably arranges our sustenance and shelter, and beautifully balances nineteen different needs. 

Pity you don`t have a privy, Peggy, to make our comfort complete. We with tiny tortured bladders wait worriedly for you to find us a wee break in the windswept wilderness with enough cover for us to pee in privacy.

Cave of the Hands, south of Perito Moreno
Landscape leading down to the caves

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