Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Puurrfect Peru and final thoughts on South America

7th March
Cats of Lima

Main Square of Cusco in Peru

There is a special syncronicity to ending the South America leg of our holiday here in Lima, Peru. If you remember we started in Buenos Aires where diagonally opposite our hotel room was a wonderful family oriented dog park (where I killed my camera). Well 10 minutes from our hotel in Lima was a park, a park of cats! Yes you heard me right, there must be 50 plus stray cats in this park, running up trees, hiding in the flower beds, sparring with each other etc. They are not just tolerated but celebrated and looked after by visitors in the park. Little bowls of water are put out, and they are fed scraps. This was heaven to Elizabeth who kept wanting to go back. Much fun was had by both Elizabeth and cats.

Lima apparently the city of love
We had heard a lot of mixed reports about Lima and so did not have high expectations, but like all of Peru we were extremely and pleasantly surprised, the place had a lovely atmosphere and energy, we found the people friendly, and the best and cheapest food and service in South America.

We think it was a protest for womens rights

Huaca Huallamarca Pyramid in Lima

Did you know that Lima has pyramids? How the hell did I not know that! Apparently so does Mexico, which also has a volcano on the natural wonder list. We are now trying to find a way of adding Mexico to our itinerary (thinks wistfully of Villarica). Peru also has a national drink called Pisco Sour that is threatening Elizabeth's teetotaller status (her now favourite drink after water).

Bye South America, it has been a ride, I have seen mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and many more sights that greatly exceeded my expectations and blew me away. I have done things I never thought I would or could do and I have met friendly and genuine people whose lives were rich in their attitude to life even though we would consider them steeped in poverty. I did not even want to come to this continent so thanks Elizabeth for opening my eyes. What I won't miss. Insane traffic and constantly beeping horns for no apparent reason. Not being able to trust corn as a gluten free ingredient. Busy and inefficient airports. But these are minor inconveniences and we have already discussed the places we would like to return to. But onwards and upwards, Africa here we come...

Getting ready to leave

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  1. JJ and I NEED to see this cat park lol.OMG Perth is gonna seem REALLY lame when you get back . Cheers nicky and jj