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Yes, I know we are doing a lot of travelling but no we are not on another planet (trust me, I would if I could). Welcome to Cappadocia, or more specifically Goreme in Cappadocia. After 5 days here I still found the landscape amazing to look at. This must be nearly unique in the world and proves that nature is the best artist.

Our bedroom
This place feels like you have gone back in time and I keep feeling like I am in a Flintstones movie because a lot of people actually live in caves. In fact we are living in a cave with a door and window. We could have stayed in a more traditional stand-alone hotel but seriously if you are going to go to a place like this you have GOT TO stay in a cave. The feeling is amazing, initially a bit damp but we were not cold at night as they are brilliant insulators. We stayed at basic accommodation but for the price (about $60 per night) we got a bathroom with shower, a comfortable bed, fresh towels every second day, breakfast and an uber cool experience. There were fancier caves, but these were cheap and the proprieters were really friendly and helpful so I am happy to give a plug to Elif Star Caves.
The holes are pigeon holes

Top Deck Restaurant (its also a cave)
Goreme the town
There is a lot to do here so if you visit, and you must visit this place if you come to Turkey, allow plenty of time. We stayed 5 days and we loved every minute. The food is really cheap and our favourite restaurant, Top Deck, was a family restaurant where the chef was the owner and would come out and ask you what you wanted and cook each meal to your personal requirements.

Near here are a ton of walking tracks to view the amazing landscape and the variety of colours in the rocks, as well as underground cities (7 storeys deep, strong knees and back needed), numerous historical caves where whole communities lived (including halls and churches), whirling dervish shows, balloon rides (post on its own), etc. Must admit the whirling dervish was not my cup of tea. I know I have said it before but this is one of our most popular places. The world keeps surprising me with much more variety and wonder than I expected. I wish we would look after it better, but that's for another page (Blue Dot Cafe above).

Whirling Dervish
A hotel at night
They call this Love Valley, I never found out why?

One of the many historical caves

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