Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Countdown to Adventure

Welcome to post number 1 of the travelling coeliac (aka Michael). On January 22nd Elizabeth and I will be embarking on our 'once in a lifetime' adventure by going around the world, twice. Southern hemisphere and then the northern hemisphere over the period of nearly a year (about 11 months). Our trip will cover South America to Africa and then on to Japan, Europe, Canada and the US (or until the money runs out).

As you can tell from the title my posts will have a few underlying themes, as a coeliac I am allergic to gluten, so I will try and cover some of the trials and tribulations I have trying to eat at such diverse locations around the world. Also as somebody quite concerned about the environment and climate change I will endeavour to glean some information about the local state of play of different locations responses to climate change.

The 2 hemispheres will also be travelled in 2 very different ways. The southern hemisphere is planned down to the nearest millisecond by travel agent with tours, transport, and accommodation all pre-booked and organised, while the northern hemisphere will be entirely planned by me and will generally be organised as we go by use of some sort of pad device, (preferably Android as I think Apples are only good for eating).

Anyway I think that will be enough for my first post, check out the begin here link above for details of our trip, thanks for reading.

From our trip to Dunedin in New Zealand

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