Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bye House

Bye house, see you around christmas time. I hope you will be looked after as I will miss you (hint hint James).

Crunch time today as we leave on the first of our two around the world trips, this leg will take exactly 80 days (pure coincidence and not in a balloon). Weather wise I thought we were leaving at the perfect time with high 30s in Perth all week but then I thought I would check the weather in Buenos Aires, 29 and thunderstorms, I hope it's a nice hotel?

This has been an extraordinarily long time in saving, a long time in planning and, depending on which one of us you are talking about, a relatively short time in packing. Elizabeth has been packed for about 3 weeks, yep somebody realllyyyy wants to go, and for me I did the boy thing and started getting organised on Friday. Trying to travel light and fit everything in a 50 litre backpack while also packing for two and a half months away, takes a real art. Especially when I want to also fit a sleeping bag in the backpack for camping in Chile. Already a pair of pants, a tshirt and a singlet have had to be sacrificed, there may be more sacrifices shortly. In some respects I am packing for 12 months because all my other clothes are being put in storage in a spare room as I am not expecting to access them when I return for 3 weeks in April. Things may get very tatty... Elizabeth doesn't care how tatty her clothes get, her concern is food. She has a cutlery fetish and wonders whether food will taste as good without her special fork & spoon.

Well I think I am as prepared as I could be, I have even been learning the language. Listening to Learning spanish CDs in the car, I wonder what I look like saying things like 'Estoy bien, gracias, Y tu?' while driving? Also invaluable is Handy Manny on Saturday mornings, I have learnt a lot of spanish listening to the little handyman talking to his tools. You never know when you will need 'buenos dias tools'.

So hasta luego amigos

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